Postpartum Doula Support

Aa a Postpartum Doula I provide one on one support in your home to help with the transition after birth and into parenthood. I offer Daytime and Overnight support to families. Services typically include answering questions and providing you with evidence based information, creating a nurturing and restful atmosphere, assistance with post-birth recovery, newborn care including feeding, diapering, soothing and bathing, as well as focusing on the emotional and physical well being of the mother.




Daytime Support

A daytime session will typically last 3-6 hours. During the first visit I will get to know you and your families needs and how I can best support you. Services can include assistance with post-birth recovery, newborn care, establishing a routine, baby wearing and cloth diaper education, light housekeeping, sibling and pet care, running errands, grocery shopping, or meal prep, and other duties to be discussed at the time of contract signing.

Overnight support

One overnight session typically lasts 8 hours. Upon arrival we will go over your day and answer any questions you may have as well as provide any community referrals. Breastfed babies will be brought to you to nurse throughout the night and then I will burp sooth and settle baby. Bottle fed babies will be completely taken care of throughout the night. Some light and non-disruptive housework may be done. Wrapping up the night includes a final diaper change, feeding and washing any bottles used.


Client Testimonials

We had a great experience with Nichole as our night doula. She was well prepared for the night, organized while maintaining baby’s feeding schedule. It was easy to communicate with her even during stressful night feedings along with tackling with my toddler. She was always very punctual, our planning for the night dependent a lot on someone being on time. I would highly recommend Nichole as a doula. -Priyanka

Nichole was my post-partum doula for my fifth child. I had never experienced a post-partum doula before and being a type "A" personality I wasn't sure how helpful a doula would be, but I was trying to get as much help as possible in those early weeks, so I decided to give it a try. Nichole was Absolutely AMAZING! She was so helpful to me and really was very knowledgable in all areas. I had a "to-do" list ready for her when she arrived that I thought we could work through together. I had been limiting myself to not try and overdo it, so I knew my list was way more than I could accomplish in a week, but it was things I needed to get done (eventually). Nichole helped me work through that entire list and more! She did most of the things for me and didn't need much if any direction. Nichole just saw things that needed to be done and did them. We talked about breastfeeding, belly binding, baby wearing, and much more. Nichole even went out and got lunch for my family. I know Nichole would be a very attentive birth doula or post-partum doula and I can't recommend her more highly! -Lindsay