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Hypnobabies® Childbirth Hypnosis is a complete childbirth education course that teaches expecting parents how to use powerful medical grade hypnosis during childbirth for an easy comfortable birth. The next class series begins November 5th at Village Family Chiropractic in Kernersville.

birth Support

A Birth Doula is a professional who provides physical and emotional support during childbirth to help women and families achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible.

Postpartum Support

A Postpartum Doula provides one on one support in your home to help with the transition after birth and into parenthood. My Postpartum Doula Services in Greensboro focus on creating a restful atmosphere, and the emotional and physical wellbeing of mom.


My Mission

My mission and vision is to provide personal pregnancy, birth, and postpartum support, meeting the individual needs of women and their families and helping them to have empowering compassionate births as they welcome their new additions into the world.

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Client Testimonials

We had a great experience with Nichole as our night doula. She was well prepared for the night, organized while maintaining baby’s feeding schedule. It was easy to communicate with her even during stressful night feedings along with tackling with my toddler. She was always very punctual, our planning for the night dependent a lot on someone being on time. I would highly recommend Nichole as a doula. -Priyanka

Nichole helped me with my birth in 2015 and I don’t know what I would’ve done without her. I was a single woman, and my support person was Heather, my close friend and roommate (who had no experience with childbirth.) If I hadn’t had Nichole with me I don’t know that I would’ve been able to get through without drugs, like I wanted to. She was always ready to support me when I didn’t think I could keep going, or to offer a position change or comfort measure I may want to try while contracting and thinking I couldn’t take it anymore. Nichole was also helpful in telling Heather how she could be helpful and what she might be able to do to help me during my labor. I would really recommend having a doula to help you through this experience, especially if this is your first birth. There are just so many things to learn about birth in so little time! Having someone there who is not going through this wonderful yet scary experience for the first time, with only as much as they can remember in the moment was so great. Nichole is also an expert at Hypnobabies Birthing, which I did not use because I wasn’t familiar with the program at the time, but I would love to try Hypnobabies the next time around! Anything you can do to turn the pain asociated with the experience into something more memorable sounds great to me. My personal experience with Nichole was just beyond anything I could’ve hoped for. She made me feel not alone. - Laura

Nichole was our doula last year for the birth of our first child. I am 40 and like to plan everything. Nichole was wonderful in helping me feel comfortable and relaxed during such an unpredictable time. She seemed to know exactly what I needed and when. She was so helpful with my hypnosis. Even though our birth plan completely changed during the birthing, she was always supportive and never judgemental. My husband was wonderful support, and it made me feel even better to have Nichole there as part of our support. I will forever be grateful for Nichole! I highly recommend Nichole for anyone who is looking for the help, support, and kindness during this exciting and life-changing event! -Anne Marie

Nichole was my post-partum doula for my fifth child. I had never experienced a post-partum doula before and being a type "A" personality I wasn't sure how helpful a doula would be, but I was trying to get as much help as possible in those early weeks, so I decided to give it a try. Nichole was Absolutely AMAZING! She was so helpful to me and really was very knowledgable in all areas. I had a "to-do" list ready for her when she arrived that I thought we could work through together. I had been limiting myself to not try and overdo it, so I knew my list was way more than I could accomplish in a week, but it was things I needed to get done (eventually). Nichole helped me work through that entire list and more! She did most of the things for me and didn't need much if any direction. Nichole just saw things that needed to be done and did them. We talked about breastfeeding, belly binding, baby wearing, and much more. Nichole even went out and got lunch for my family. I know Nichole would be a very attentive doula or post-partum doula and I can't recommend her more highly! -Lindsay

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